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Newsletter and Spelling List – Week of April 8-12

March 28, 2013

Mr. Lucas Newsletter

Thurs., April 28, 2013

Friendly Letters

We mailed off our Friendly letters today. Hopefully we will get some responses. I asked the recipients to either write back directly to the student or to send a letter back to the school. Maybe we’ll get some letters back after Spring Break.


We finished our time and graph unit in math. Next up, after Spring Break, we will be working on place value, like tens, hundreds and thousands. We will also get into adding and subtracting three-digit numbers.

Spelling Test
after Break

The spelling list for after break is on the back of the newsletter. We will be back to our normal Friday test schedule.

 April 15 Events:

Grandparents Day &
Music Program

Grandparents Day is Monday, April 15. Grandparents are invited to come join their students for lunch on April 15. The first grade will be having their music program at noon. The 2nd and 3rd grade music program will be that night at 7:00 p.m.

Contact Information
Todd Lucas

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Fri. Mar. 29 – Spring Break
Mon. April 8 – Back to school
Mon. April 15 – Grandparents Day and 2nd -3rd Grade Music Program (7 p.m.)
Mon. April 22 – School in Session (snow make-up)

 Spelling List for Week of April 8-12

  1. undo

  2. unjust

  3. unload

  4. unpack

  5. unsafe

  6. form

  7. shore

  8. horse

  9. board

  10. word
    word wall words
  11. are
  12. favorite
  13. more
  14. they’re (they are)
    (list 25)

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