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Newsletter and Spelling List – Week of April 29-May 3

April 26, 2013

Mr. Lucas Newsletter

Friday, April 26, 2013

Progress Reports

Mid-term progress reports were sent home today. They are in the yellow envelope. You may keep the progress report paper, but please return the signed envelope on Monday. That way I know you have seen the report.

Readers Workshop

By this point in the year, one of the things we are really working on is our reading stamina. Reading stamina is how long the kids are able to read on their own quietly. We want to work on our stamina so the kids are really ready to show they can read like third graders. We are getting better and we’ll keep working on it.


Soon in math we will be working on three-digit addition and subtraction. The numbers are getting bigger as our year gets shorter!

NWEA Tests

We took the Spring NWEA tests this week and the kids worked really hard on taking the tests. I look forward to seeing the results and seeing how the kids progressed this year. The official results will be sent home at the end of the year with the final report card.

Planetarium Field Trip

It was really cool getting to visit the planetarium today at the Middle School. The kids had fun and learned a lot, too. Plus, it was just really neat!

Spelling Test

Next week’s spelling list is on the back.

Upcoming Field Trips

Friday, May 17, the 2nd grade will be going up to the high school for a short visit for their Food for America day. On Friday, May 24, we will be going to the Heathworks Museum in South Bend. We can take a limited number of parents along on this all-day field trip, so let me know if you are interested in joining us.

Contact Information
Todd Lucas

Spelling List for Week of April 29-May 3

  1. babies

  2. candies

  3. cherries

  4. flies

  5. supplies

  6. point

  7. toy

  8. coin

  9. joy

  10. oil
    word wall words
  11. have
  12. boy
  13. where
  14. to (We went to school.)
  15. too (Please take me, too!)
    (list 27)

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