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Newsletter and Spelling List – Week of May 6-10

May 3, 2013

Mr. Lucas Newsletter

Friday, May 3, 2013

Glass Jars Needed

We need glass jars for a Mother’s Day craft we will be doing next week. Small, jelly-sized jars work best, but other sizes will do. Please clean out the jars and remove the labels before sending in. This will save us a lot of time. We need the jars by Thursday, May 9. (Also, if you have more than one jar you can send in for students who can’t bring one, that would be great!)


Sadly, we haven’t had a very good batch of caterpillars this year. Out of around 50 caterpillars, we only have had about 8 or 9 make it into chrysalis form. Some years are better than others, so this year, things didn’t go so great. But, regardless, we will keep an eye on the ones we do have and hopefully we will have some butterflies in less than 2 weeks!


We worked on three-digit addition this week in math and the students were doing great with it. Next up, we will be practicing three-digit subtraction.

American Cancer Society School

On May 16, our school will be having a Walk-a-Thon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The students will be bringing home a donation sheet and asking for sponsors. For each $10 the students bring in, they will receive a ticket to be in a drawing for prizes.

Upcoming Field Trips

Friday, May 17, the 2nd grade will be going up to the high school for a short visit for their Food for America day. On Friday, May 24, we will be going to the Heathworks Museum in South Bend. We can take a limited number of parents along on this all-day field trip, so let me know if you are interested in joining us.

We will also spend the afternoon at Syracuse Lakeside Park on Friday, May 31.


Upcoming Dates to Remember

Thur. May 24 – Family Picnic Day – Come have lunch with us at school!

Fri. May 24 – 2nd grade field trip to HealthWorks Museum in South Bend
Fri. May 31 – Afternoon at Syracuse Lakeside Park

Spelling List for Week of May 6-10

  1. drier

  2. funniest

  3. happier

  4. sunniest

  5. windier

  6. soon

  7. foot

  8. good

  9. noon

  10. would
    word wall words
  11. what
  12. were
  13. two (#2)
  14. trip
    (list 29)

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