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Newsletter and Spelling List – Week of Sept. 16-20

September 13, 2013

Mr. Lucas Newsletter

Fri., Sept. 13, 2013

 Readers Workshop

This week in Reader’s Workshop we learned about making connections when we read. We make connections all the time when we read when we think about things we know and things we have done. It is like when you read something and say, “This reminds me of…” That’s making a connection to your reading.


Next week’s list is on the back of this newsletter. Now that we have 14 words, the tests will be a little harder than the first few weeks. We didn’t have as many A+’s this week as we did last week. We will continue to do a language sentence on the back of the spelling test each week, grading for capitals and punctuation and correct spelling of the spelling words.


We are continuing our look at addition and subtraction and how the two can be related. We finished Topic 3, and we have now gone back to Topic 1 . We moved the order around of a few of the topics in our math series because it made more sense to us to introduce the ideas in a little different order.

 Johnny Appleseed Day is Friday

Next Friday afternoon, we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed day with some fun games and activities. If you haven’t, please send in $2 with your child to help cover the cost of apples and goodies we buy for the day. Thanks!

 Upcoming Dates to Remember

Thur. Oct. 3– Parent/Teacher Conferences

Oct. 24-25– Fall Break

 Spelling List for Week of Sept. 16-20















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