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Newsletter and Spelling List for Oct. 7-11

October 4, 2013

Mr. Lucas Newsletter

Fri., Oct. 4, 2013

Readers Workshop

This week in Reader’s Workshop we continued learning about creating images when we read. We used poems by Kristine O’Connell George to help us create images. We also read the book Hello, I’m Paty and talked about the images we create in our mind when we read that book.


Next week’s list is on the back of this newsletter.


We are finishing working on repeated addition and arrays and we will take that topic test next week. After that, we will start learning about place value: tens and ones. We will also learn about odd and even numbers and more!

 Field Trip October 17
Return Permission Slips

Lots of students have already brought back their signed permission slips and $2 for the field trip. If you haven’t sent those things in yet, please send them in next week. The field trip is on Thursday, October 17. It should be a lot of fun!

 Parent-Teacher Conferences Last Night

Thanks to everyone who came to conferences last night.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Thur. Oct. 17 – 2nd grade field trip
Oct. 24-25 – Fall Break

Spelling List for
of Oct. 7-11

  1. cheat

  2. flea

  3. speed

  4. treat

  5. wheat

  6. top

  7. nose

  8. frog

  9. coat

  10. sock
    word wall words

  11. eating

  12. stop

  13. clock

  14. snap

    (list 5)

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