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Grace for President – Audio Podcasts

February 28, 2014

The class has been practicing a Reader’s Theatre play called Grace for President.  With Reader’s Theatre, the kids don’t memorize their lines.  They practice reading them.  This is to help build reading fluency and expression.

I then recorded each team doing their version of the play.  It was really neat seeing how they practiced and took their jobs seriously to get better at reading their parts.

Eagle Team

Grace:  Lillie
Steven:  Titus
Ben:  Kaleb
Coach Sikes and Helper 2: Ryley
Helper 1 and reporter:  Trevor
Narrator: Zac

Click here to listen: 

Bear Team

Grace:  Liz
Steven:  Talan L.
Ben:  Egunn
Coach Sikes and Helper 2: Skye-Leigh
Helper 1 and reporter:  Egunn
Narrator: Molly

Click here to listen:

Moose Team

Grace:  McKenna
Steven:  Will
Ben:  Austin
Coach Sikes and Helper 2: Brooke
Helper 1 and reporter:  Damon
Narrator: Maiya

Click here to listen: 

Fox Team

Grace:  Mya
Steven:  Talan B.
Ben:  Chad
Coach Sikes and Helper 2: Deserae
Helper 1 and reporter:  Jimmy
Narrator: Jacob

Click here to listen: 

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