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Reader’s Theatre Play – The Tricky Garden

March 11, 2016

This week the students practiced a Reader’s Theatre play called The Tricky Garden.  In this play, Coyote teaches the Bear about different plants that grow in the garden.

Group 1
Carrot: Gabby
Celery: Konnor
Bear: Bria
Coyote: Tyler

Group 2
Carrot:  Aliza
Celery: Aliza
Lettuce: Benjy
Bear: Xavier
Coyote: Benjy

Group 3
Carrot:  Jason
Celery:  Jaeden
Lettuce:  Alexys
Bear:  Delilah
Coyote:  Alexys

Group 4
Carrot:  Darrick
Celery:   Yesenia
Lettuce:  Drew
Bear: Wyatt
Coyote: Addy

Group 5
Carrot:  Ary
Celery:  Annalaya
Lettuce:   Davis
Bear:  Skylee
Coyote:  Nolan


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