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Reader’s Theatre Play – Under the Sea with Jacques Couseau

September 30, 2016

Every reading unit this year will have a Reader’s Theatre play for the students to practice.  Reader’s Theatre is where students practice reading a play script, but they don’t have to memorize it.  They are practicing reading fluency and expression.

Our first play is “Under the Sea with Jacques Couseau”.  The students recorded audio podcasts of their play reading.  Find them below.  Enjoy!

Fox Team

Starfish Faith
Clam Faith
Coral Brady
Seaweed Brady
Puffer Fish Tayrn
Shark Tayrn
Jacques Cousteau Jaxon
Crab Jaxon
Sea Turtle Bailey
Dolphin Bailey


Eagle Team

Starfish Samantha
Clam Samantha
Coral Elizabeth
Seaweed Elizabeth
Puffer Fish Lennon
Shark Lennon
Jacques Cousteau Kyron
Crab Kyron
Sea Turtle Cameron
Dolphin Cameron
Octopus Elizabeth
Whale Lennon

Bear Team

Starfish Brody
Clam Brody
Coral Cayne
Seaweed Cayne
Puffer Fish Natalie
Shark Natalie
Jacques Cousteau Tessa
Crab Natalie
Sea Turtle Tessa
Dolphin Tessa
Octopus Tiondra
Whale Tiondra

Moose Team

Starfish Alice
Clam Alice
Coral Kiaira
Seaweed Kiaira
Puffer Fish Izan
Shark Izan
Jacques Cousteau Ryan
Crab Ryan
Sea Turtle Joselynn
Dolphin Joselynn
Octopus Isaac
Whale Isaac
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