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The Day I Followed the Pickle

November 16, 2016

Last week, the students practiced reading the Reader’s Theatre play “The Day I Followed the Pickle”.  It is a fun imaginative story that teaches about the digestive system in the body.  The kids recording their plays on Friday.  Click the links below to listen.


Bear Team

Jordan                                                  Isaac

Morgan                                               Samantha

Stomach                                             Kiaira

Small/Large Intestine               Charlotte

Pickle                                                Lennon

Esophagus                                      Charlotte

Eagle Team

Jordan                                                 Tayrn

Morgan                                               Brady

Stomach                                             Brody

Small/Large Intestine                   Bailey

Pickle                                                  Joselynn

Esophagus                                         Joselynn

Fox Team

Jordan                                                 Ryan

Morgan                                               Izan

Stomach                                             Alice

Small/Large Intestine                   Tessa

Pickle                                                  Tiondra

Esophagus                                         Cameron

Moose Team

Jordan                                                 Jaxon

Morgan                                               Natalie

Stomach                                             Cayne

Small/Large Intestine               Kyron

Pickle                                               Elizabeth

Esophagus                                      Kyron

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