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Open Enrollment for Device Insurance

December 8, 2016

If you haven’t gotten insurance for your student’s iPad yet, you can during the month of December. I highly recommend you get a protection plan. It is well worth it. Only $29 to cover an iPad. The replacement cost on the devices is close to $400, so its a great deal. See the information below.

December Open Enrollment for Device Insurance

We have had several parents approach us about another opportunity to purchase device insurance. We will be offering open enrollment during the month of December for those of you who still want to take advantage of device insurance.

Each School Bookkeeper will be accepting payment in the form of a check or cash for insurance. The coverage will be through the end of the school year.

This insurance is a onetime fee, with ZERO deductible. Insurance coverage is for unlimited incidents.

Coverage Includes:

Accidental Damage, Liquid Submersion, Theft, Fire/Flood Damage, Vandalism, Natural Disasters, and Power Surge due to Lightning.

If a device is stolen, a police report is required.

Cost of Insurance

IPad- Grades K-3……..$29.22

Asus Flipbook- Grades 4-5…..$20.90

Dell Chromebook- Grades 6-12……$21.66

Devices to be insured Must Be Inspected and certified by the Building Principal or School Tech prior to being insured.

Any questions you may have please contact Your School or Dee Blair: dblair

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