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Mr. Lucas Newsletter – Dec. 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

Mr. Lucas Newsletter
Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

Reader’s Theatre:  Yeh-Shen, a Chinese Cinderella Tale

Our latest Reader’s Theatre production is a Chinese version of the story of Cinderella.  The fairy tale Cinderella is a story that has been told in many cultures going back over a thousand years.  The version we read in class is quite different from the Disney version many of us are familiar with.  You can hear the audio of the student’s Reader’s Theatre at our website:

Writer’s Workshop:  Learning how to Make a Presentation

Our latest writing project is a book that the students have written about themselves.  Then the students have been learning how to turn their book into a presentation using the Keynote app on the iPad.  This week, the students will begin showing off their presentations to the whole class.

Class Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

Our class holiday party will be this Wednesday.   At the party we will have a gift exchange.  For the gift exchange, I’m asking each student to bring in 21 small items (one for each class member).  These can be pencils, erasers, candies, small party favors, etc.  Then, at the party, everyone will pass out their 21 gifts to everyone else.  That way, all the kids will get the same thing and they will get lots of different stuff. The kids can start bringing in their items tomorrow.

Math:  2-digit subtraction

We have wrapped up our latest unit on 2-digit subtraction.  The kids have learned about “regrouping”, which is what we used to call “borrowing”.  The next unit after Christmas will be about counting money (coins).

Syracuse Elementary Food Drive Continues

Our school is working to collect 2,500 items.  Anything you can send would be appreciated.  We need things like canned goods, paper products, boxed foods, hats, gloves, socks, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.  Please no frozen or glass items.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Dec. 22-Jan. 3– Christmas Break – No School

Mon. Jan. 16 – Snow Make-up Day – School in session

Thur. Jan. 19 – Parent-Teacher  Conferences

Fact Practice at Home on iPad

Several days a week, the students do timed fact practice tests on their iPads.  They can practice these tests at home (internet required).  Students can visit the facts page just like they do at school.  They can practice taking the tests untimed (or, for practice, you can time them).  Students are encouraged to practice to improve their fact skills.

 Specials Schedule

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Gym

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Music

Friday – Gym, Library

Contact Information
Todd Lucas

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