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John Henry – A Reader’s Theatre Tall Tale

January 28, 2017

This week for our Reader’s Theatre play, we practiced the play “John Henry: An American Tall Tale”.  Tall tales are stories that get told many times over the years and the truth gets “stretched”.  John Henry is the story of a railroad worker who was larger than life.  Click below to listen to the audio of each group’s performance.


Group 1

Sammie Mama Henry / Hank
Cayne Papa Henry / Narrator 1
Kiaira Townsfolk
Kiaira Mr. Samuels
Charlotte Jim
Charlotte Narrator 2
Jaxon John Henry
Jaxon Mr. Smith / Bill

Group 2

Ryan Mama Henry / Hank
Brody Papa Henry / Narrator 1
Bailey Townsfolk
Bailey Mr. Samuels
Bailey Jim
Ryan Narrator 2
Lennon John Henry
Lennon Mr. Smith / Bill

Group 3

Alice Mama Henry / Hank
Isaac Narrator 1
Izan Townsfolk / Papa Henry
Tiondra Mr. Samuels
Tiondra Jim
Tiondra Narrator 2
Isaac John Henry
Cameron Mr. Smith / Bill
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