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Class How-To Videos

February 9, 2017

Each member of the class wrote a short how-to paragraph describing the steps “how to” do something.  Then the students illustrated the steps and made their paragraphs into short videos.  Check the links below to watch the student’s videos.

Tessa: How to Take Care of Puppies

Kiaira:  How to Get Ready for School

Natalie:  How to Make a Squishy

Brady:  How to Make Oatmeal

Cameron:  How to Play Football

Joselynn:  How to Make a PB+J

Alice:  How to Help My Sister

Cayne:  How to Do an Ollie

Jaxon:  How to Do a Backflip

Kyron:  How to Make a PB+J

Ryan:  How to Take a Bath

Isaac:  How to Make a Hut

Charlotte:  How to Band a Goose

Brody:  How to Play Baseball

Bailey:  How to Do a Handstand Backfall

Izan:  How to Draw a Squirtle

Sammie:  How to Give a Dog a Bath

Tayrn:  How to Play Video Games

Tiondra:  How to Mail a Letter

Lennon:  How to Make a Lego Set

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