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Readers Theatre – Androcles and the Lion

April 29, 2017

This week, we have learned about fables:  ancient stories that usually feature talking animals and always have some sort of moral, or lesson.  The students have practiced reading Androcles and the Lion, which you can listen to below.


Group 1

Storyteller 1:                Joselynn

Master/Crowd:                        Brady

Androcles:                               Isaac

Storyteller 2:                            Tayrn

Lion:                                        Natalie

Soldiers/Crowd:                      Kiaira

Emperor:                                 Kyron

Group 2

Storyteller 1:                Ryan

Master/Crowd:                        Sammie

Androcles:                               Riley

Storyteller 2:                            Jaxon

Lion:                                        Tessa

Soldiers/Crowd:                      Cayne

Emperor:                                 Bailey

Group 3

Storyteller 1:                            Cameron

Master/Crowd:                        Brody

Androcles:                               Lennon

Storyteller 2:                            Tiondra

Lion:                                        Alice

Emperor/Soldiers:                                 Charlotte

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