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Mr. Lucas Newsletter – Jan. 19, 2018

January 19, 2018

Mr. Lucas Newsletter
Fri. Jan. 19, 2018


Looks like the flu is back and is striking many students in our school.  Please make sure you encourage your student to wash their hands regularly, as well as keep their coughs and sneezes into their elbows.   If your student is feeling under the weather, better to keep them home to give them time to get better and maybe help keep others from getting sick.

Parent-Teacher Conferences – January 25

If you didn’t get a meeting paper from me, but would like to meet, then please let me know and we’ll schedule a time next Thursday evening.


We are done with our unit on telling time.  Please continue to practice having your student tell the time whenever you can.  You can also ask them about elapsed time, like “If it is 4:15 now, what time will it be in 2 hours?”  Next up, we’ll be working on place value, learning about ones, tens and hundreds.


In reading we are practicing inferring when we read.  Inferring means using the clues in the text to figure out things the author doesn’t come out and tell you.  These could be things like what a character is thinking or how they are feeling.  Inferring is a very important reading skill.


The students have finished up writing a How-To paragraph and creating a poster to go with it.  Next, the students will be writing an All-About book about something they know a lot about.

SES Science Fair

The SES Science Fair is coming on February 8.  This is an optional opportunity for students who are interested in trying some kind of experiment for the science fair.  It is open to kids grades K-5 who are interested.  If your student would like to participate, they need to get a science fair packet here at the school and return the signed portion by January 26.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Jan. 25 – Parent-Teacher Conferences – 3:15-7:00

Feb. 8 – SES Science Fair

Feb. 26 – End of Trimester Teacher Workday – No students

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Contact Information
Todd Lucas

Specials Schedule

A – Music

B – Gym

C – Art

D – Gym

Library:  Thursday


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