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Mr. Lucas Newsletter – March 29, 2018

March 29, 2018

Mr. Lucas Newsletter
Thur. March 29, 2018

Science – Learning about Conductors and Insulators and States of Matter

The students learned about conductors (let heat move through) and insulators (block heat) while we learned about the states of matter:  solid, liquid and gas.  The students then had to create a type of “cooler” that could keep an ice pop from melting after an hour under a heat-lamp (like the sun).  The students made short videos in SeeSaw where they were to show their invention and explain it.  Ask them about theirs!

Math Test over 3-digit addition and subtraction

The students took their latest math test over 3-digit addition and subtraction.  They took this test on their ipad, using the LearnZillion app in Clever.  The students were able to use pencil and paper to solve their problems and then answer them on the screen.  Since this is the first time we took a regular math test on the ipads like this, I then gave the students a follow-up day to correct the ones they missed.  You can see their test in the LearnZillion app in Clever (the kids can show you on their ipads).  The correct ones are marked with a green checkmark.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

March 30-April 8 – Spring Break

April 23 – Grandparent’s Day (come for lunch!)
April 23 – Grade 2/3 Music program – 7 p.m.
May 2 – TinCaps baseball game

Wawasee Community Schools, creating students who are:

  • Contributors
  • Creators
  • Communicators
  • Collaborators
  • Critical thinkers

Contact Information
Todd Lucas

 Specials Schedule

A – Music

B – Gym

C – Art

D – Gym

Library:  Thursday

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