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Reader’s Theatre – Limu the Sea Turtle

March 29, 2018

This week’s Reader’s Theatre play is about a sea turtle named Limu.  He goes on an adventure and makes new friends.  Click below to listen to each group reading the play.  The students have a copy of the script in their SeeSaw app if you would like to follow along.

Group 1

Narrator 1 Reyna
Narrator 2 Reyna
Limu Alpoe
Nani Ruby
Sea Turtles and Whale Anderson

Group 2

Narrator 1 Xander
Narrator 2 Jack
Limu Colten
Nani Nevaeh
Sea Turtles and Whale David

Group 3

Narrator 1 Diesel
Narrator 2 Conor
Limu Dalton
Nani Taylin
Sea Turtles and Whale Lyric

Group 4

Narrator 1 and 2 Miles
Limu John
Nani Emily
Sea Turtles and Whale Cole

Group 5

Narrator 1 and 2 Skeyelar
Limu Luke
Nani Finley
Sea Turtles and Whale Caiden
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